hi, I am Vivek

I am a software engineer based in India. I am particularly interested in math, databases, religion, and history.

Sometimes, I write blogs. You can find them over here.


I am currently working at Thena.

Before this, I used to build and maintain backend systems at Investmint. Here's a brief list of interesting things I had built in my time here so far:

As a side project, I have been working on teachyourselfmath - a free website with an evergrowing list of math problems, parsed by a home grown engine (posted on Hacker News). I believe technology is an accelerator for making education accessible. With the right intentions and decent capital at disposal, we can truly make a dent in the universe.

And before all of this, I was studying engineering and making fun little CLIs and servers like - retain, binge, trackbit, maketest, and assignexpert.

reading and culture

It has been a journey of self discovery for me to arrive at what I find interesting to read. I am genuinely interested in religion and history, along with computing being the primary candidate. I describe more on this over here.


email: viveknathani2402 at gmail[dot]com

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